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Quick Answers

What is PaveForce?

PaveForce is an environmentally safe asphalt solvent used to clean asphalt and tar off of paving tools and equipment. PaveForce is distributed exclusively by local Caterpillar dealer nationwide.

Why is PaveForce better than diesel?

PaveForce is a more powerful solvent and has a 200°F flash point so it is a better release agent too.

Is PaveForce safe for workers?

PaveForce is 100% biodegradable, non-flammable and non-hazardous. It is incredibly safe for workers.

How To Order PaveForce

Where can I buy PaveForce?

PaveForce is available for purchase through your local CATERPILLAR dealer. To find a list of dealers click here.

How do I find my closest CAT dealer?

You can find your local CATERPILLAR dealer here.