PaveForce Asphalt Solutions


Powerful & Safe Solvent used to CLEAN and PREVENT asphalt build-up on ALL paving equipment.


Biodegradable Anti-Adhesive Agent diluted with water to prevent asphalt adhesion on MTVs, paving machines and rollers.

PaveForce Asphalt Solvent

Environmentally Safe

Over 50% of PaveForce biodegrades after only 5 days and is 100% biodegradable over time. It’s non-hazardous and all natural so it can be used safely without the threat of EPA/DOT penalties.

Cleaning Power

In real-world simulation tests and DOT-certified tests, PaveForce has outperformed the competition in its ability to clean asphalt. PaveForce is twice as effective as citrus solvents and over 40% more effective than diesel fuel in relative cleaning power. 

High Flash Point

PaveForce has a flash point of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit making it RCRA Compliant and Non-Hazmat. Unlike competitive products, PaveForce is non-flammable and therefore safer to use. 

Release Power

Release power is important in keeping tools and shovels clean. We applied PaveForce, diesel fuel and leading citrus solvent to clean a shovel and monitored asphalt build-up. PaveForce was able to complete 50 shovels of asphalt before noticeable build-up occurred. 

NoTrax Anti-Adhesive Agent


Automatic Tire Spray on MTVs & Pavers, Conveyor Belts & Pulleys, Rubber Tire Rollers and Chains on MTVs.


5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums can be purchased through our exclusive CATERPILLAR dealer network. 


Concentrated formula mixes with water up to 30-1.


Used to prevent asphalt adhesion and build up anywhere that asphalt sticks.

PaveForce Asphalt Solvent
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